Top 3 Reasons for Failing Out of School, #1

Alright, here goes – the last post we’ve all been waiting for:

Reason #1: The Internet.

I believe it was fairly obvious that the last two posts were leading up to this – because let’s just face the facts: there wouldn’t be Facebook or online video games without the almighty Internet. (Yea, we could say there wouldn’t be the Internet without, say, the almighty computer, and the computer wouldn’t be working without electricity, but let’s just keep this at just the internet for now).

So what’s so distracting about the Internet?

Well, if you’re reading this right now, and you’ve glanced at my last two posts, certainly, you must have some sort of idea. 

Simply put: there’s a billion and one things you can do online. Almost anything you could want to do in person, you can also do in front of your screen. 

According to the site, (which is apparently dedicated to keeping a daily estimate of the size of the internet), there are ~14.79 billion pages onlineSo if one of the online websites or activities don’t suit your taste, certainly, you’ll find something else out there in one of the other 14,789,999,999 pages.

So why don’t we compare and see how much you know about the Internet? Below is a list of the top 15 most popular websites on the internet – how many of these 15 names do you know? (If you don’t know a site, I’ll have the explanation written beside the name in white-coloured text – simply click and drag to highlight the text in my post to view it).

So here we go!

The Top 15 Most Popular Websites (as of March, 2013, according to eBiz) are as follows:


In order from the least popular to the most popular:

#15 – LinkedIn  a social site for business-related interactions, and job-hunting/employee-hunting. 

#14 – Ask – a site for asking and answering questions. How much more straightforward can it be?

#13 – AoL   a popular medium for instant messaging and social communication.

#12 – Woohoo! It’s WordPress!  (You’re already here! You’re still expecting an explanation?)

#11 – Craigslist – a site for buying and selling goods and services within your community.

#10 – bing – a news source, and search engine similar to Google. 

#9 – Twitter – if you don’t know what this is, it’s probably better to stay away from it.

#8 – eBay – a site for buying and selling goods, locally, and internationally.

#7 – amazon – another site for buying and selling goods.

#6 – msn – a site for instant messaging, watching videos, reading news, and e-mailing. 

#5 – Wikipedia – an online encyclopedia that can be edited and updated by anyone and everyone.

#4 – Youtube – a site for watching and uploading videos.

#3 – Yahoo!  a site just like MSN, which offers instant messaging, news stories, e-mailing, and videos.

#2 – Facebook – If you don’t know what this is, which rock have you been under the last few years?!

#1 – Google – again, enough said.

How many did you know?  (I knew all 15). Certainly, you must now understand why I can be so easily distracted by the Internet. There’s just so much to do! Obviously, though I’m not on all 15 of the websites above, Youtube, Facebook, Google, and msn videos do take up quite a bit of my free time. And of course, there are many other websites that I visit on a daily basis too – aside from Courselink, Gryph Mail and Next Bus, there’s always websites such as Instagram, Hotmail, 9gag, Reddit, Sound Cloud and GrooveShark for sources of entertainment. These sites can be even more distracting when I’m trying to avoid working.  


Moreover, since everything on the internet is so instantaneous and up-to-date, even in the time it takes for you to take a potty break, dozens more videos and news stories would have been uploaded and available by the time you returned. In fact, even while typing this blog (on March 26, 2013), I wound up receiving an email from Youtube, telling me that Alex G (an artist I’d subscribed to on Youtube) had just uploaded a new video, and I’d gotten distracted by it:

And from there, I wound up browsing Alex G’s other videos and listening to this for the millionth time:

Then I added this video to my list of favourites, and the list of previously favourited videos popped up on the side and ooh… looky! It’s one of the videos by my favourite comedian! Better watch that video again too:

So are you distracted by Youtube yet, or is it still just me? Click around a few more times on Youtube. One video always leads to another. And then oh! I got a Facebook notification! Now I’ve been distracted from my distraction. 

Distractions, distractions, distractions.

So really, it’s no wonder so many kids, teens, and young adults nowadays are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – in this new tech era, there’s just so much to do, and so little time – you might as well have given us a thousand candies (or 14.79 billion candies, to be exact) and then reprimanded us for giving into temptation and eating a few. How could anyone possibly pay attention to school when there’s so much more interesting stuff on the internet to look at?

Now excuse me while I get back to browsing Youtube, creeping Facebook, and listening to music on Sound Cloud, while waiting for my League of Legends game to load. 


~ angiee


eBiz. (2013). Top 15 most popular websites | March 2013. eBizMBA Inc.

Kunder, M. (2013). The size of the world wide web (the internet). Word Wide Web Size.


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